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Liberty Bus provides an island-wide service for wheelchair users. All their buses are low floor and fully accessible by means of easy-access ramps. Some smaller mobility scooters can also access the buses. However some bus stops may be somewhat challenging as there are no pavements or hard surfaces when alighting from the bus especially in some of the country parishes. Always ask the bus driver for assistance when travelling for the first time. All the drivers undergo training so understand the challenges facing a wheelchair user. It can be quite daunting if you have never used the bus service with a wheelchair and Liberty Bus have listened to their customers. If you would like to try out the service but need a trial run, then just call customer services on 828555.

Avanchi Access Card: Does your disability stop you from driving? You could be eligible for free bus travel avanchiaccess – the concessionary bus pass scheme for residents with long term disability that prevents driving. These Concessionary passes are funded by the Department for Infrastructure.

How do I qualify? You will qualify if you:
• Have a disability which meets the qualifying criteria; and
• Are aged 5 or above but are not entitled to an older person’s concessionary bus pass; and
• Are ordinarily resident in Jersey, having lived in the Island for at least five years.

What are the qualifying criteria? These have been set as:
• Sight impaired and severely sight impaired, such that the condition prevents you from driving.
• Severely or profoundly deaf, to the extent that the condition prevents you from driving.
• Being in receipt of mobility component and/ or long-term care benefit and/or personal care level 3.
• Mental health issues to a degree that prevents you from driving.
• A learning disability to a degree that prevents you from driving.
• Progressive degenerative condition, which prevents you from driving.
• You would be refused a licence to drive or your licence has been withdrawn based on medical grounds.
• Walking difficulties to a degree that impacts your mobility and ability to drive.
• Seizures causing loss of consciousness or altered consciousness (including epilepsy).

What proof do I need?
Full details of the proof required can be found on the application form, but this includes:
• Proof of identity (e.g. Passport, other photo identification or a passport photograph endorsed by an authorised person).
• Proof of residence (i.e. a valid ‘entitled’ or ‘entitled for work’ States of Jersey Registration Card).
• Confirmation from an authorised person that your condition qualifies you to receive the pass.

How do I get the new pass?
You will need to visit the LibertyBus Customer Services Centre at Liberation Station. LibertyBus will aim to produce your pass within 48 hours and can post it to you when it is ready (issuing starts 1 March 2017).
What will it cost?
There will be a charge of £15 for each pass issued. There will also be a replacement fee of £5 if the pass is lost or damaged.

How long can I use my pass for?

What is not included?
• The scheme does not include free travel for companions.
• The scheme does not cover conditions which temporarily prevent driving.

How do I find out more about the pass? Full details of the scheme can be found on the States of Jersey website: or the LibertyBus website:

Information on the scheme and application forms are also available at:
• Liberation Station
• Parish Halls
• Community and voluntary organisations
• Social Security Department
• Doctors’ surgeries
Enquiries can be made to:
Liberty Bus Customer Services:
Tel:   +44 1534 828555
Email: [email protected]

The time table can be accessed by going to