Welcome to my website – specifically designed for disabled travellers based in Jersey – and those who wish to travel further afar!

It is often very daunting trying to get around in a wheelchair especially if it is one that you have rented for a short period or have recently been issued. It takes time – and courage – to initially venture out alone. Jersey is just one of many places that offers the disabled traveller a wide range of accessible venues.

This website is aimed to make your travel plans that much easier. It is based on people’s own experiences; very often the most helpful information cannot be found in any guide booklet!

We all carry really useful bits of holiday information in our heads, probably quite insignificant to many – but so valuable to a disabled traveller.

For example: Have you experienced problems taking your scooter or wheelchair onto an airline?  Do you think Jersey offers the disabled traveller a great holiday adventure? Or maybe you enjoy shopping but find the shops too challenging?

Travelling on our Liberty buses is one excellent way of getting around the Island.

Please will you become one of my Travel Ambassadors and share your experiences? I would value your thoughts and helpful comments.

Thank you – and I look forward to reading your comments and helpful tips.

                                 Your Editor