Vienna, Austria

Vienna was a dream destination which finally came true recently! 4 glorious days exploring everything that this clean and historical city has to offer.

However there were some initial problems which we encountered at the airport; we required a taxi to take us into the city. We had one piece of luggage, a collapsible walker and travel scooter (4 parts). My husband helped me into the taxi – which was very clean. The driver was extremely annoyed that the chair seat was placed onto the spare seat and claimed that it was only for people! I speak fluent German so explained to the driver that this would have not been an issue in many parts of the world!!

There are plenty of larger taxis which would have accommodated us (and had we waited, one would probably have come along)!

We went to the Spanish Riding School on a Sunday morning – it was everything that one can imagine. We got there a good hour before the performance was due to start and there were no queues. We had already booked seating and one wheelchair accessible area which turned out to be very cramped indeed – but a good view of the performance which was excellent – and explanations in several languages. The Riding School is located in the Hofburg Palace area and the history and magnificent buildings were quite breathtaking.  Horse and carriage rides were in abundance.

Another expedition was to the Schönbrunn Palace which is about 25 minutes taxi ride from the city centre.  Whilst I was unable to access the main building, the walk around the complex was fairly easy but pathways were mainly gravel so hard on the scooter’s batteries!  Miles of tree lined walkways and a Kew-like conservatory filled with incredible flowers and trees. Free entry for wheelchairs – a wooden ramp was provided (of sorts).